Sustainability Overview

Firestone Liberia goes above and beyond the minimum requirements when it comes to recruitment practices, environmental stewardship, worker well-being, and educational opportunities. We make it a priority to continually improve the living conditions at Firestone Liberia, through community enhancements, providing quality drinking water and continuing to rebuild from the devastation wrought by the prolonged civil wars.

In line with Bridgestone’s global corporate sustainability commitment, Our Way To Serve, Firestone Liberia intends to have a lasting social and environmental impact in the communities where we operate.

This global commitment focuses on three Priority Areas: Mobility, People, and Environment along with six Management Fundamentals that represent the framework for any Bridgestone operation around the world. In alignment with this responsibility, Firestone Liberia has been enhancing education, and healthier and safer communities in the country since 1926.

Partnerships represent a powerful way to work alongside leading organizations to help improve the lives of Liberians and the wider African Community.


Global Commitment (Natural Rubber)

We take a broad view of sustainable natural rubber, which includes addressing not only deforestation, but also labor rights, land use, water use and quality, and many other critical elements.  In February 2018 Firestone Liberia launched its Global Sustainable Procurement Policy that serves as a framework to also achieve the 2050 goal of 100% sustainable materials.

This policy extends beyond Natural Rubber and applies to all our procurement activities. Also, since 2018, Bridgestone is a founding member of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber, an independent platform to lead improvements in the socio-economic and environmental performance of the natural rubber value chain.