February 6, 2020

Firestone Liberia Announces Major Investment Into Wastewater Management


Firestone Liberia Announces Major Investment Into Wastewater Management

Firestone Liberia, an indirect subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas, Inc., has announced that it is in the final stages of permitting, constructing and operating a new wastewater system which is scheduled to be fully operational by mid-2020.

The new treatment system represents Firestone Liberia’s latest investment in responsible wastewater management, improving upon the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permitted installation of a bioaccumulation wetland water treatment system which began operation in 2008.

The new US$3 million facility broke ground in January 2018. Once implemented, the new system will be the most advanced rubber processing wastewater system in Liberia.

This construction activity is fully permitted with the Liberian EPA and an operational permit will follow in-kind. The permitting process has been transparent and follows all Liberian regulations including a consultant-prepared Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), EPA compliance visits, sampling and public engagement with potentially impacted communities.

Firestone Liberia is proud of its enhanced environmental stewardship policies and procedures reflected in the company’s comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The EMP continues to evolve with new technologies and strategies that reflects the latest industry best practices and compliance with Liberian regulations.

By proactively managing its environmental impact, Firestone Liberia ensures its commitment to natural resources conservation through operational improvements, while contributing to enhance habitats and local biodiversity.

Firestone Liberia remains a trusted partner of the people and country of Liberia and continues to work closely with the Government of Liberia to ensure an ongoing effective partnership, as well as helping to ensure a sustainable society.