Firestone Natural Rubber Company has invested more than $135 million into the effort to rebuild homes, schools, health care facilities and other infrastructure, as well as to replant rubber trees.


Firestone Natural Rubber Company workers receive a variety of benefits for themselves and their families; including, free housing, free medical care, free education for their children, subsidized food, paid vacation and a pension upon retirement.


More than 99% of Firestone Natural Rubber Company's 8,000 workers and managers are Liberian nationals.

About Firestone Natural Rubber Company

Since 1926, Firestone Natural Rubber Company has worked with the people of Liberia to create a thriving natural rubber industry and to provide critical — and, in many cases, otherwise unavailable — social services to its Liberian teammates and their families. After more than 80 years of investment, the Firestone Natural Rubber Company location — covering almost 200 square miles — is the largest single natural rubber operation in the world.

Firestone Natural Rubber Company operates 27 schools with more than 16,000 students enrolled - all of them children of employees - who attend classes at no cost.
Firestone Natural Rubber Company and CSI Team Up for Sixth Surgical Mission
The Firestone Medical Center at Duside is preparing to host the sixth surgical mission with Children’s Surgery International. A team of surgeons, nurses and medical professionals will perform over 100 free surgeries on some of West Africa’s most underprivileged youth.

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