As a responsible corporate citizen operating in Liberia, we engage proactively  in support of local communities especially those bordering the concession.

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Commitment to the Community

Being aware of the importance of building solid relations with surrounding communities, our engagement framework ensures respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.  Our 27 person community engagement team interacts regularly with 74 communities making sure we are always working towards meeting our engagement goals. 

Community Impact Fast Facts


Dedicated Teammates

27 person team dedicated to supporting community engagement and activities. 


COVID-19 Support

In 2021, Firestone engaged with the Ministry of Health and USAID to distribute the COVID-19 vaccination through its medical facilities to teammates, their families and to the general public.


Future Growth

Firestone Liberia has supplied 5.6 million free natural rubber stumps to 2,100 Liberian rubber farmers to help revitalize the country’s natural rubber industry in the aftermath of its prolonged civil wars.

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Empowering Women

Firestone Liberia actively supports women in various roles throughout our operations. A third of all teachers in the Firestone Liberia school system and approximately 20% of management employees across the company are women. We recognize female excellence across the business and employ women in positions such as mechanics, heavy equipment operators, bud grafting technicians, teachers, doctors, superintendents, supervisors, managers and directors.

Drinking Water in Local Communities

Drinking Water in Local Communities

Firestone Natural Rubber is committed to improving the living conditions of its teammates, their families, work partners and the surrounding communities, this includes a company managed borehole program that helps ensure clean and safe drinking water for thousands of Liberians. Drinking water is regularly sampled and tested providing a continuous clean supply.  

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Building Bridges and Roads

The Du Bridge, a critical thoroughfare connecting major centers of commerce in Liberia, was destroyed in 2017 due to heavily loaded trucks transporting materials for the Roberts International Airport runway project.

The reconstruction efforts of the Du Bridge stemmed from a partnership between the Government of Liberia and Firestone Liberia with Firestone contributing US$3 million towards the reconstruction of the bridge and associated civil works.

On the December 6, 2021, Firestone Liberia in collaboration with the Government of Liberia, commemorated the opening of the Du Bridge to improve access to essential services for communities in the country. 

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Investing in the Future

Firestone Natural Rubber invests approximately USD $150,000 annually to provide scholarships for higher education opportunities to qualified Liberian students from across the country. A significant number of students who benefited from our scholarship program graduated with honors, many of whom are the dependents of Firestone teammates and are now employed both locally and internationally.  

Community Engagement

While respecting the unique cultural norms and practices of local communities, as well as Liberian legal and regulatory frameworks, Firestone Liberia’s community activities include the following areas of engagement, education, and support:

  • Home economics
  • Domestic violence awareness, education and reporting
  • Family interaction support
  • Encouraging community residents to engage in skills to empower themselves financially
  • Encouraging and instructing community residents to clean and maintain facilities and their surroundings
  • Providing clothing, food, toys and educational materials
  • Community leadership workshops
  • Psychosocial counseling
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Community Education

Our Community Affairs department provides education and engagement on a wide range of topics such as drug awareness, cultivating family values, and home economics. A regular interactive radio program on the Voice of Firestone radio is used to educate the community on these topics as well as Firestone housing and facilities management and abiding by community ordinances. People in and around Firestone communities have the opportunity to call in and ask questions.

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Community Support

Firestone Liberia is against all forms of violence, especially against women and girls in our communities. Our zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence reinforces our stance.

We support community initiatives such as the construction of hand pumps, standpipes, public latrine facilities, palava-huts for public interaction, and erecting solar lights in remote areas on the farm.