Much of the investment Firestone Liberia makes is to ensure the future of the country’s natural rubber industry. Efforts include supporting farmers through best-in-class training and techniques. Firestone Liberia provides ongoing farm advisory support, critical farm supplies, and other assistance to Liberian rubber farmers.

Between 2008 and 2016, Firestone Liberia provided 5.6 million free natural rubber stumps (planting material) to 2,100 Liberian rubber farmers at the approximate cost of USD $2 million. This assistance has resulted in the replanting of an estimated 25,000 acres of rubber trees by private Liberian rubber farmers.

Firestone Liberia is proud of its enhanced environmental stewardship policies and procedures. The company’s commitment to the environment is reflected in the comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

First established as part of a 2005 agreement with the Government, the ongoing plan continues to serve as Firestone Liberia’s daily guide for enhanced and improved environmental stewardship, as well as for safe and environmentally sound operations.

The EMP continues to evolve with new technologies and strategies developed within our company, and modified by new techniques that reflect industry best practices.

Environmental stewardship cannot happen in a vacuum. Firestone Liberia continuously communicates with its neighbors, those in surrounding communities, and other stakeholders regarding its environmental practices. By proactively managing its environmental impacts, the Company ensures its commitment to natural resources conservation through operational improvements while contributing to enhance habitats and local biodiversity.


Firestone Liberia is committed to improving the living conditions in its communities. Firestone Liberia’s bore well program helps ensure clean and safe drinking water for workers and their dependents, and also in the local communities. Drinking water is regularly sampled and tested to ensure a continuous, clean supply.