We are working to protect and preserve the local environment, including the natural water resources Liberians depend on.

Environmental Policies

Environmental Policies

Firestone Natural Rubber is proud of its enhanced environmental stewardship policies and procedures. The company’s commitment to the environment is reflected in the comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

First established as part of a 2005 agreement with the Government of Liberia, the EMP continues to serve as Firestone Natural Rubber’s daily guide for enhanced and improved environmental stewardship, as well as for safe and environmentally sound operational practices.

The EMP continues to evolve with new technologies, strategies developed within our company and modified by new techniques that reflect industry best practices and ongoing collaboration with the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency.  

Clean Water Fast Facts

Well Water

Well Construction

Associates and their families are provided clean drinking through 334 wells created in the vicinity of the free housing facilities supplied by Firestone Liberia.


Wastewater Treatment

The company recently began operations of a state-of-the-art new wastewaster treatment facility that allows for the use of recycled water in its processing operations.

Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

Drinking water is regularly monitored, sampled, tested and treated to help provide its teammates and their dependents with a continuous, clean supply.

Drinking Water in Local Communities

Drinking Water in Local Communities

Firestone Natural Rubber is committed to improving the living conditions of its teammates and their families, its work partners and the people in surrounding communities, which includes a company managed borehole program that helps ensure clean and safe drinking water for thousands of Liberians. Drinking water is regularly sampled and tested to help provide teammates and their dependents with a continuous, clean supply.


Wastewater Treatment

Firestone operates within the regulatory requirements of the Liberian EPA and conducts regular and ongoing testing of wastewater from its operations. In April 2021, Firestone Natural Rubber began the process of bringing online a new state-of-the-art Activated Sludge Effluent Treatment (ASET) facility.  This new wastewater treatment plant is designed to fully meet the Liberian Government EPA permit requirements, and is currently undergoing the commissioning process. 

Clean Power

Clean Power

Since its early days, Firestone Natural Rubber has used clean, safe and low-emission hydroelectric power, drawn from the currents of the Farmington River, for the majority of its electricity needs. In 2021, 77.9% percent of the company’s electricity needs were met by hydro power, with only 22.1% percent derived from the use of diesel-powered generators with fuel consumption of 319,583 gallons..

Community Partnership

Environmental stewardship cannot happen in a vacuum. Firestone Natural Rubber continuously communicates with its neighbors, those in surrounding communities, and other stakeholders regarding its environmental practices. By proactively managing its environmental impacts, the Company ensures its commitment to natural resources conservation through operational improvements while contributing to enhance habitats and local biodiversity.