June 7, 2023

Brief Story of the Community Hamper Award

Harbel, Liberia

Brief Story of the Community Hamper Award

The Community Hamper Prize Award is a special program designed by Firestone Liberia (FSLB) in 2019 to enhance efforts in educating residents and employees about the policies, regulations and ordinances of the community. Prizes are awarded to motivate and recognize residents for maintaining the facilities provided by management and for the improvement of sanitation and health in our communities. It is also intended to reduce fights, public exchange of insults, and discourage damage to FSLB facilities.

The hamper prize awards 1st place with $1250, 2nd place with $500 and 3rd place with $250 prizes. Items including, toys, food, children’s clothes, linens and other household items are purchased and shared amongst the three winning communities according to the prize value.

The Community Affairs Engagement Team inspects, assesses and evaluates each FSLB community. Communities are awarded points for trash management, surrounding maintenance, residence housekeeping, sanitation and community social efforts. At the end of every three months, the results are filtered. The three communities with the highest points including a violence free evaluation are selected for the award.

Since the commencement of the Hamper Award Program, fourteen communities have been awarded. Most recently, on July 6, 2023, three communities were added to the list of winners. The winning communities were Villizue, Division 24 Community (1st Prize), Wolubah, Division 4 Community (2nd Prize), and PPD Precinct 2 Base, Division 27 (3rd Prize).

Under a heavy downpour of rain, the Community Affairs Team was led by Louise B. Caesar, Manager to the  winning communities for the award presentations. Upon arrival in Wolubah Community, a jubilant crowd along with the Division Estates Superintendent, Alfred Jusu received the team. During the presentation ceremony, Madam Caesar encouraged residents to “Continue to uphold the unity, love and social cohesion which won them the prize.” Community Leader John Fallah and Supt. Jusu appreciated the Community Affairs Department and  management of Firestone for recognizing them and that they will keep it up to win the 1st place prize the next time.

In the Villizue Community’s presentation, Estates Supt. Alphonso Gargar and CL Austin B. Flomo lauded the Firestone management for recognizing and awarding them the 1st place prize and promised to work hard to maintain their position and continually win first place. The 3rd place award was presented to PPD Precinct 2 Base, Division 27 for abiding community ordinances and keeping their community clean. Community Leader (CL) Johnson K. Mason thanked management for the recognition of their efforts.

Amongst other speakers, were representatives from the two closest communities to PPD Base who expressed their regret for not abiding by the rules, regulations and ordinances and promised to do the work to win the next time.