June 22, 2023

Division 45 Junior High PM Wins 4th Edition of Firestone Liberia’s Science Project Exhibition

Harbel Field House, Liberia

Division 45 Junior High PM Wins 4th Edition of Firestone Liberia’s Science Project Exhibition

Division 45 Junior High PM Section emerged as winner of the 4th Edition of the Junior and Senior High School Science Project competition organized by Firestone Liberia’s Education Department. The team scored 93.4 percentage points with a project that the judges rated highly for its originality, creativity, and innovation.

The project named “The Recycle Table” was made from recycled mineral bottles fitted horizontally and diagonally to form the legs of the table and stitched together using screws and glue. The students also made a hand-held basket from seventy bottle tops that can be used to store jewelry and flowers. According to the students, the table is strong enough to hold the weight of an average adult.

Division 44 Junior High came in second place with 90.4% for an innovative fire truck that uses a hydraulic pump capable of spraying water more than 240 centimeters to extinguish fires. The truck displayed its functionality by spraying water when the hydraulic pump lifted from its original position, flashing its emergency and head lights and reversing into position which wowed the audience. The defending champions, Division 10 Junior High came in third place with 80.4% for a hydro-electric plant that generates electricity. Other projects on display included a water dispenser, a magnetic electrical board, an electric train transport system, and an erupting volcano.

Cllr. Marion N. Wreh-Socree, Human Resources and Social Services Director at Firestone Liberia, praised all the participating schools for their projects. “Your projects are beautiful. We have judges and there is criteria used in reaching the decisions, but I would agree with the judgment that the innovation used here was original.” She further commended the winning project as it falls in line with Firestone’s commitment to getting rid of plastic wastes which are not biodegradable.

Mr. Marcus S. Vaye, one of two teachers who prepared the winning team, praised the Education Department of Firestone Liberia for the science competition. “I want to thank the department for organizing such a competition. It brings out the genius in the students and gets them excited about learning in a new way.” However, he called on the department to incentivize participating students with certificates and cash prizes in upcoming competitions in order to boost motivation.

The science project exhibition titled “Our Future in Science”, was held on June 22, 2023 at the Harbel Field House.  The seven participating schools from the Firestone Liberia School System included Division 16 Junior High, Division 29, Junior High, Division 45 Junior High AM Section, and Division 44 Senior High in addition to the three winning schools.

Figure 1 the Winning Project; the Recycle Table


Figure 2 the second runner-up, the modern hydraulic fire truck