April 16, 2022

The Abundant Grace School Site Visit to Firestone Liberia

Harbel, Liberia

The Abundant Grace School Site Visit to Firestone Liberia

About 30 honored students from the Abundant Grace School in Paynesville GSA Road on April 16 2022 visited the Firestone Plantation. Their visit followed a request made by the school to pay a site view visit of some historical sites on the farm and to also see the process of tapping.

The group of fifty five (55) comprised of Seven (7) staff members and forty eight (48) students was headed by the principal Mr. Tellus E. Johnson. Upon arrival the supervisor of voice of Firestone Nicolas Dennis welcomed the group and led them through their visit.

They had the opportunity to visit the tapping site at division one (1) where a brief remarks was made by Mr. Dennis explaining the historicity of the company. The group was then turned over to the superintendent of the division Mr. Augustine kayah who explained the process to of rubber from the seed to the tapping of the latex.

Standing by a rubber tree Mr. Kayah spoke and demonstrated ‘’ this rubber tree is where almost all the things we use today come from. The hair bow, the shoes you are wearing and you just name it, comes from this white water you see coming from this tree. This water is called latex.’’

The students were so excited and asked many questions. Some of the questions asked were; ‘’how long does it take for the latex to stop coming out of the tree? Do you eat the rubber leaves? Who is the owner of Firestone? How many years do you tap a tree? What do you do with the tree when they are no more producing latex?’’

Six years old Joseph Davis III in an interview said ‘’I learnt that the white water that comes from the tree can be used to fix bucket and I am going to tell my parents about everything I saw here.’’ Another student ten year old Edmenlyn Vah from grade five explained that her trip to Firestone was exciting.’’ I learnt during this visit that latex are used to fix a lot of things even cloths, but my most exciting part was when I was given the opportunity to put my finger into the latex.’’

“As for me I’m going to tell my parents about our visit to the water fall. I have always wanted to see a water fall and I’m also going to tell them everything I saw here today.” Emmanuel Sellu explained in an anxious voice.

At the end of the site visit at the water fall in division fourteen the head of the team Mr. Johnson thanked Firestone Liberia for hosting them “ The children really had a good time here today we want to appreciate you for the time you took to show us around.’’