August 1, 2022

Firestone Liberia Welcomes Nine New Teammates at Staff Onboarding Initiative

Harbel, Liberia

Firestone Liberia Welcomes Nine New Teammates at Staff Onboarding Initiative

During the month of July, Firestone Liberia welcomed nine new teammates, spread across four departments within the concession to enhance productivity. As part of the welcoming and orientation process, an onboarding initiative was organized by the Human Resources Department of Firestone Liberia as a way of presenting the company’s values, policies and safety procedures.

“Management is pleased to welcome the new teammates at Firestone Liberia,” said Jacqueline Allison-Saye, Human Resources Manager, Firestone Liberia. “The orientation is aimed at making the new employees understand the various departments and roles, the Firestone communities, safety measures, vision and mission of Firestone Liberia.”

Along with Jacqueline Allison-Saye, Marion Wreh-Socree, Director of Human Resources, and Peter Zubahwuo, Human Resources Superintendent, served as facilitators at the two-day event, teaching and guiding the nine new teammates throughout the onboarding process.

Jupor Gborkerquelle and Elijah G. Jerome, two of the nine new teammates, whom will be joining the Quality Assurance team as an inspector and as Superintendent of Junior Estates, respectively, spoke highly of the human resources department’s ability to prepare them for their new roles and taking the time to explain the history, values and mission of Firestone Liberia.

“I’d like to say thanks to the facilitators,” said Jupor. “They have given us new teammates a perfect introduction for our new roles with Firestone Liberia. The onboarding initiative was incredibly detailed and thorough.”

“The onboarding process was exemplary and a perfect example of the cordiality among teammates at Firestone Liberia,” said Elijah. “Knowing the company’s values will go a long way in making us more productive in the discharge of our duties.”  

Firestone Liberia Welcomes New Teammates

Facilitators pose with new FSLB teammates at a staff onboarding initiative