April 13, 2022

Firestone Liberia Honored for Human Resources Development

Harbel, Liberia

Firestone Liberia Honored for Human Resources Development

Firestone Liberia has been recognized by the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata, Margibi County, the county in which Firestone Liberia is based. The BWI presented the honour to Firestone Liberia at the school’s official closing program for academic 2021/2022.  Firestone Liberia was recognized for its immense contribution to the development at the Booker Washington Institute through internship and job-training programs.

The certificate from the Booker Washington Institute, arguably Liberia’s premier technical secondary institution, award on February 26, 2022, reads:

“Firestone, Liberia in recognition of your immense contribution made to the Human resource development of the Booker Washington Institute through the internship/Job Training Program. The Administration of BWI and the Board of Governors present to you this certificate. Let this instrument further strengthen and cement our training partnership to sustain national development.”

BWI Internship Coordinator, Rev. Moses Bundoo, said, “We look forward to sending more students for internship at Firestone Liberia. We have had this internship partnership with Firestone for a long time now. BWI is happy this gesture is continuing. Firestone Liberia is a part of the BWI Board. We have enjoyed a great partnership over the years.”

Bettina Brown was an intern at the Water and Sanitation Department, Firestone Liberia. She said, “The workers in the Water and Sanitation department have impacted me a lot and changed my perspective. They closely watched me install water closets, pipes and more. I enjoyed the team’s mentorship.”

“I did my internship in the carpentry section. I worked on the plain saw and geek saw. We do have some of the machines on the BWI campus that are not very functional but at Firestone Liberia, we had the opportunity to work with the functioning ones,” said Robert Binda, intern at Firestone Liberia.