September 4, 2022

Firestone Liberia Graduates 206 Senior High School Students

Harbel, Liberia

Firestone Liberia Graduates 206 Senior High School Students

Two hundred and six senior high school students attending the Firestone Liberia School System on September 4, 2022, received high school diplomas upon completion of their studies.

This year’s 14th graduation ceremony took place at the Division 44 Senior High School and brought together excited parents, family members, alumni of the school, staff of Firestone Liberia and friends of the graduates. 

Pewee Forkpa, an alumnus who also currently serves as chairman of the Department of Public Health at the University of Liberia, served as guest speaker.

“Twelve years ago, I was valedictorian of the 2009/2010 graduating class and sitting under this same roof. I’m so proud to speak to you today as a commencement speaker. It is to me a great pleasure because Firestone-Liberia Senior High School remains one of the best schools that keeps graduating students who are becoming productive citizens of Liberia,” Pewee said.

“Graduating from high school is the beginning of a whole new race. To reach your own dream, you must be willing to face the obstacles and seize the opportunities that come with your new race to get a higher education. The world outside of Firestone Senior High School, beyond these walls, is not like Firestone, where ’free really means free.’ Out there, nothing is free. In our colleges or universities, there are no free buses to take you to and from school. There are no free colleges or universities like the Firestone School System. There are no free water dispensers to give students cold or warm water to drink,” Pewee continued.

Prince Philips, valedictorian of the class of 2021/2022, called on his fellow graduates to pursue higher education, building on the quality of foundation received at the Firestone School System.

“I can proudly say that we are fully prepared to compete for academic excellence in any higher institution of learning both at home and abroad. Thanks to Firestone Liberia for the knowledge acquired,” Prince said.

General Manager of Firestone Liberia Seamus Gunton congratulated the graduates of the Firestone Senior High School Class of 2021/2022 and thanked the faculty, administration team and staff, on behalf of the leadership team of the company.

Firestone Liberia High School Students

Firestone Liberia’s Senior High School Graduates pose for group photo 

Firestone Liberia Commencement Speaker

Pewee Forkpa, 14th Graduation Commencement Speaker and Alumnus of the School  

Firestone Liberia General Manager

Firestone Liberia’s General Manager Seamus Gunton making remarks