May 17, 2021

Firestone Liberia Plays Host to Students of the Elizabeth Mulbah Institute

Harbel, Liberia

Firestone Liberia Plays Host to Students of the Elizabeth Mulbah Institute

Firestone Liberia recently hosted about a hundred students of the Elizabeth Mulbah Institute from Dwazon, lower Margibi County.

The students through their administration requested a tour and site seeing experience of the farm.

Two groups of twenty-five students each had the opportunity to see and ask questions about activities on the farm before the rubber is packaged for shipping. Upon their return two students were designated from each group to explain their experience.

“When I was told that we were coming to Firestone, I was so excited. My favorite experience was when the latex was coming out of the tree into a cup and when it was placed on the scale.,” said 11 year old Maucinda Davis of grade six.

14 year old Queenella Teebar of grade ten explained:“This trip for me was quite exciting. This is my first visit to a plantation. I had no idea what happens in here. I have visited other places but not a place like this. The best part for me during the trip to the nursery was the commitment I saw from the workers.

Accompanying the students, the Vice-Principal for instruction of the school Mr. Adolphus Nuah thanked Firestone Liberia on behalf of the institution for giving them the opportunity to tour and see their facility.

“I must command Firestone for affording us the opportunity to come and for sight seeing. We hope this will not be our last visit. I was amazed when I visited the nursery. It was my first time seeing a nursery, the trip was rewarding as it was not only the students that had this experience, instructors also had theirs.”- Adolphus Nuah, Vice Principal for Instruction.