Health Care

Firestone Liberia operates a full-service referral hospital with 300 beds, and two regional clinics strategically located in the concession area. Firestone Liberia’s medical team consists of approximately 150 employees. In 2017, Firestone Liberia’s medical team delivered 572 babies, of whom nearly 50% were born to families outside of its concession area. The company’s program for prenatal to delivery has also done much to reduce maternity-related deaths, with free care for Firestone Liberia employees and dependents, and services offered at a minimal cost to the general public.

Children’s Surgery International

Firestone Liberia has an ongoing partnership with Children Surgery International (CSI) since 2010, which to date has completed eight surgical missions at its Firestone Medical Center. More than 900 free surgeries have been performed, benefitting children from across Liberia with life-saving and life-changing surgeries that, in many cases, would not otherwise be available in country.

Efforts to Fight Ebola

Firestone Liberia fought on the frontlines of the Ebola crisis in 2014 and 2015, and helped save thousands of lives on the farm and in surrounding communities. Our efforts were recognized by a number of global health organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, the President of Liberia awarded Firestone Liberia the 2015 Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African redemption in recognition of the company’s heroic efforts during the country’s Ebola crisis.


Firestone Liberia partners with UNICEF and the Liberian Ministry of Health to store and administer vaccines to protect Liberians from numerous diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. This vaccine program not only serves Firestone Liberia employees and their dependents, but also residents in surrounding communities.


Inclusive and accessible education is a priority for Firestone Liberia. Currently the Company operates 27 schools throughout its concession area, including 19 elementary schools, seven junior high schools, and one senior high school.This school system, which employs more than 350 teachers and administrators and enrolls approximately 12,000 students every year, is the largest concession-operated school system in Liberia.Additionally, the company invests approximately USD $150,000 a year to provide scholarships for higher education to qualified Liberian students. A significant number of students who benefited from the Firestone Liberia scholarship program graduated with honors, many of whom were the dependents of Firestone Liberia workers. Find the scholarship awardee list here.

Firestone Liberia Employment Practices


Equal Opportunities

Firestone Liberia is an equal opportunity employer, and more than 99.7 percent of our employees are Liberian citizens. In addition to our skilled tappers who harvest rubber, jobs include those in business and management, engineers, medical professionals, educators, and technicians.Firestone Liberia is proud of its legacy of hiring, training and promoting Liberian citizens to the highest levels of leadership in the company.The management of Firestone Liberia is committed to ensuring that employment practices are consistent with, and often exceed, the laws of Liberia and the 2015 Decent Work Act. In addition to competitive pay, Firestone Liberia workers receive a variety of benefits, including free housing, free medical care, and free education for their dependents which exceeds local laws or employer responsibilities.

Age Requirements

Firestone Liberia does not hire anyone under the age of 18, and has a zero-tolerance policy on Child Labor. Our policy of hiring only workers who are at least 18 years of age exceeds Liberian labor law requirements by two years.We communicate our zero-tolerance policy to all employees through their supervisors, at employee meetings, through signs posted throughout the operation, on the Firestone Liberia Radio Station, in employee seminars, and through direct communication with elected union representatives.Firestone Liberia regularly conducts workshops for all operating departments to reinforce the importance of, and ensure full compliance with, the company’s zero-tolerance policy regarding child labor. Employees found violating this policy face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.