Much of the investment Firestone Natural Rubber makes in Liberia are to ensure the future of the country’s natural rubber industry. Efforts include supporting farmers through best in class training and techniques. Firestone Liberia provides ongoing farm advisory support, critical farm supplies,  and other assistance to Liberian rubber farmers.

Between 2008 and 2016, Firestone provided 5.6 million free natural rubber planting material to 2,100 Liberian rubber farmers at the approximate cost of USD $2 million. The donation of planting material has resulted in the replanting of an estimated 25,000 acres of rubber trees by private Liberian rubber farmers.

To date, Firestone Natural Rubber has invested about US$16 million in the company’s Rubberwood project, far exceeding the terms of its Concession Agreement for a USD $10 million investment, working to market Rubberwood products into both the Liberian and export markets.