To maintain the highest example in environmental stewardship, Firestone Natural Rubber Company has begun a third generation of treatment programs. This self-initiated action resulted from Firestone Natural Rubber Company’s continual vigilance of its waste treatment operations as well as constant mirroring of newly developed best practices and how they may be adapted for use in Liberia.

These newer applications are safeguards to further ensure the waste from its plant and environs is discharged and mitigated in safe secure and healthy means.

We have started the process of obtaining necessary permits and approvals. Depending on conditions, we hope to be underway with construction of the project in 2015.

Our enhanced environmental stewardship and management plan continues to evolve with new technologies and strategies developed within our company and modified by new techniques that have been successful elsewhere.

In August, Firestone Natural Rubber Company announced it would end latex production at the Harbel facility by the end of 2014.  This resulted in an immediate and significant decrease in the amount of discharge needing treatment.

DSC02855Practicing sound environmental stewardship is just one way Firestone Natural Rubber Company positively affects the lives of Liberians. The company’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP). First established as part of its 2005 Agreement with the Government, the ongoing plan continues to serve as Firestone Natural Rubber Company’s daily guide for enhanced and improved environmental stewardship, as well as for safe and environmentally sound operations.

Firestone Natural Rubber Company continuously communicates with its neighbors and with those in surrounding communities. By gathering information and constantly reviewing its operations, the company is able to identify any environmental issues and address them in a timely manner.

The quality of our environmental stewardship is one of our top priorities, something shared by stakeholders such as the Firestone families and the national government as well as local and international interest groups

We are pleased that our efforts exceed most of the requirements of the Liberian government, as well as many international levels of safety and quality.