IMG_1999 Prevention is key to combating Ebola. From the outset of the outbreak, Firestone Liberia created and implemented an aggressive prevention and awareness campaign to educate our employees, families and the surrounding communities about Ebola and how to prevent the spread of the disease.

Firestone Liberia operates its own hospital, the Firestone Medical Center, along with two clinics, seven health posts and a mobile medical unit, to help treat employees and their families and the surrounding communities. To combat this outbreak and decrease the chances of spreading the disease, our health care and hospital personnel have:


  • Modified an existing building into its first Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) and then built an annex to treat Ebola confirmed patients.
  • Received specialized training and personal protection equipment.IMG_2025 copy
  • Been trained to run the Ebola treatment units outside the main hospital facility to house and care for suspected, probable, and confirmed Ebola cases. This treatment unit has helped decrease the likelihood that Ebola cases will spread to the larger community.
  • Established a single access entry point or triage to the hospital to screen people coming into the hospital.
  • Treated and saved several patients who have survived the Ebola virus in our hospital and ETU.