Reintegration Program

photo credit: Firestone Natural Rubber Company

Firestone Liberia holds reintegration ceremonies to welcome survivors back into the community, as well as to educate people about the disease and how people who have survived the disease have been declared Ebola-free and are not a danger to the community.

These reintegration ceremonies include:

  • Meetings with reintegration teams and the community to educate them that survivors have been declared Ebola-free so they are welcomed back without stigma.
  • The health care team and a reintegration team bringing the survivor back to his or her community.
  • A ceremony and celebration where the medical team speaks about the survivor’s recovery and educates the community about the importance of seeking medical attention.
  • The survivor has the opportunity to speak, which has helped dispel any myths about the virus and what happens during treatment.
  • This ceremony is broadcast live on Firestone’s radio program to help spread awareness and educate.
  • The presentation of a solidarity package to help him/her start up again after upheaval of his/her illness. This package includes cash, mattresses, rice and other groceries, new clothes, etc.
  • The presentation of a medical certificate which declares the survivor Ebola-free and includes a list of health reminders.