Ebola Treatment and Prevention

photo credit: European Commission DG ECHOFirestone Natural Rubber Company is doing everything possible to reduce the risk of Ebola for our employees and retirees, their families and the greater Liberian community. The safety and well-being for the nearly 80,000 people living within the borders of Firestone Natural Rubber Company, which includes employees, their dependents and other communities within the property, as well as many more in the surrounding communities is a top priority, and we will continue our work, including education, prevention and treatment, to reduce the risk for them until this crisis is over. As the Ebola situation in West Africa evolves, we will adjust our policies and actions as needed to best protect our employees and communities.


To learn more about Firestone’s work to combat Ebola, check out the Morbidity and Mortality Report from the Centers for Disease Control.

Firestone Liberia’s response to the Ebola health crisis includes:
Reintegration Program
Education and Prevention