Early Childhood Health Care

photo credit: Feed My Starving Children

Firestone Natural Rubber Company provides free medical services to all our employees and their families. The company works hard to ensure all community members have equal access to care.

As a partner for progress in Liberia, Firestone understands that early childhood health care is critical to a better life. The Medical Center at Duside invests significant time, energy and money in providing health services to children and their families in the community. The hospital is one of the only sources of pre-natal services in the country, thereby greatly reducing infant and maternal mortality.

In 2013, 856 babies were delivered at a Firestone health facility — 559 of which were non-Firestone.

Firestone Natural Rubber Company works with the Liberian Ministry of Health to control HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Firestone Natural Rubber Company partners with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to store and administer vaccines to protect Liberians from numerous diseases. This vaccine program reaches Firestone employees and residents in the surrounding communities to help improve and extend the lives of all Liberians.