Firestone Liberia Opens Scholarship Applications

HARBEL, LIBERIA (MAR. 18, 2020) – Firestone Liberia is excited to announce the opening of the application process for its 2020/2021 academic year higher education scholarship program.

The program is open to eligible Liberian students from across the country and provides scholarships to students accepted into undergraduate studies at Liberian universities and technical institutions.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship can find more information by visiting the Firestone Liberia Industrial Relations Department (Labor Office) in person or via the company’s website. Per program guidelines, applications and required documents are due no later than 3:00 PM on May 29, 2020.

“We are thrilled to be able to once again offer this opportunity to deserving Liberian students,” said Don Darden, general manager, Firestone Liberia. “As a company, we are dedicated to investing in the people of Liberia, and a core aspect of this investment is supporting students as they follow their educational dreams and hopefully invest their talents back into the country.”

Firestone Liberia operates the largest concession-run educational system in the country, with more than 350 teachers employed and a student enrollment of approximately 9,000. The company’s scholarship program was established many years ago, and to date has seen thousands of Liberian students successfully complete their university and vocational studies – many with high honors.


About Firestone Natural Rubber Company, LLC:

Firestone Natural Rubber Company, LLC traces its origins back to 1926 when The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company first established a natural rubber production facility in Liberia, West Africa. The company operates a 118,000-acre rubber growing and processing facility, employing approximately 5,400 people who harvest and process natural rubber. After processing, the natural rubber is shipped to North American Bridgestone Americas tire plants for the manufacture of tires. Firestone Natural Rubber Company, LLC is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas, Inc.