Economic Impact – Investments in Development

DSC02879Following Liberia’s civil war, the infrastructure of the country was destroyed. Buildings, including hospitals and power facilities, were looted, burned and destroyed. Water and sanitation systems fell into unimaginable disrepair and were rendered useless. By the end of the war, the nation was left without power, water or sanitation. The war displaced nearly one-third of the population into refugee camps across the country and West Africa. Tens of thousands of refugees migrated to the Firestone farm seeking to avoid the horrific violence, overwhelming the property.

Firestone Natural Rubber Company has helped the country rebuild. Firestone has spent more than $147 million in infrastructure projects that include building new housing for employees, building schools, rebuilding the Firestone Medical Center at Duside, rehabilitating roads and the planting of a new generation of rubber trees on our property and donating more than 4.7million high grade rubber tree seedlings to local, independent farmer to ensure the future of the rubber tree industry in Liberia. Firestone Natural Rubber Company has worked closely with the government of Liberia. From assisting the government with funding and construction of roadways to providing the Roberts International Airport with electricity, we have been an integral asset to Liberia as the country continues to rebuild after more than a decade of civil war.

And our work has not stopped. We continue to work closely with the government to help improve the lives of Liberians by helping the country rebuild.