Economic Impact


Since 1926, Firestone Natural Rubber Company has worked with the people of Liberia to create a thriving natural rubber industry and to provide critical — and, in many cases, otherwise unavailable — social services to its Liberian teammates and their families. After more than 80 years of investment, the Firestone Natural Rubber Company— covering almost 200 square miles — is the largest single natural rubber operation in the world and the largest employer in Liberia.

Working together, the company and the Liberian people have made rubber the nation’s second largest export. Firestone Natural Rubber Company considers its impact on the local community a key measurement of its business success, and the company is deeply committed to providing jobs, education, housing, infrastructure, health care services and environmental stewardship to ensure Liberia’s success—now and in the future.

Firestone has spent more than $147 million in infrastructure projects that include building new housing for employees, building schools, rebuilding the Firestone Medical Center at Duside, rehabilitating roads and the planting of a new generation of rubber trees on our property and donating more than 4.7million high grade rubber tree seedlings to local, independent farmer to ensure the future of the rubber tree industry in Liberia.

What makes Firestone Natural Rubber Company unique? We provide free medical services to all our employees and their families. Firestone Natural Rubber Company owns and operates a 300 bed hospital which is regarded as one of the best hospitals in the country. It runs eight additional health facilities and a mobile clinic. We also provide free housing for our employees and their families. Since 2004, Firestone has invested more than $50 Million in housing for our employees. We have built more than 3,400 new homes since the end of the war, with additional construction underway. Firestone Natural Rubber Company also provides free education for the children of our employees. Currently there are more than 16,000 children of Firestone teammates enrolled in the Firestone school system with 26 schools which run from Kindergarten to high school. All these children attend school at no cost. The school system employs over 450 teachers and provides facilities such as libraries, science labs and computer labs.

As the largest employer in Liberia, we have worked hard to improve the lives of all Liberians by helping the country rebuild and offering our community the education, healthcare and housing they need to improve their lives and help the country rebuild, repair and grow.