Corporate Citizenship

photo credit: Ken Harper

Bore Well Program

Firestone Natural Rubber Company uses our own equipment to help the surrounding community improve living conditions. We have helped obtain cleaner water through our bore well program, drilling with our equipment so citizens can have cleaner and safer drinking water.

Clean Drinking Water

Firestone Natural Rubber Company works continuously to improve the quality of the drinking water on the farm and surrounding communities. We regularly sample the water and chlorinate them as needed.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Firestone Natural Rubber Company is an equal opportunity employer. In addition to those who harvest rubber, our tappers, jobs include those on the business and management side, engineers, medical professionals, educators and technicians.

Over 99.6 percent of our employees are Liberian citizens.

Local Rubber Purchasing Program

In addition to our own production, Firestone Natural Rubber Company supports local farmers by purchasing their rubber. Since the end of the civil war, Firestone Natural Rubber Company has purchased rubber from local Liberian farmers, making payments of more than $480 million.

Protecting the Rubber Industry

Rubber trees are the foundation of Firestone Natural Rubber Company’s business and we are committed to protecting the rubber industry and ensuring that we operate an environmentally sustainable business from seed to tree.

To help rebuild the Liberian rubber industry, we have donated more than 4.7million high grade rubber tree seedlings to local, independent farmers to help the country rebuild its rubber economy and secure the future for thousands of families in the country.