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From its rubber operation in Liberia, Firestone Natural Rubber Company produces Hartex Natural Latex. This high-quality latex is the result of Firestone Natural Rubber Company's complete process control, commitment to the highest quality standards and outstanding customer service.
Quality controls and customer services throughout the latex production process include:

  • Development of stronger, higher-yielding and more disease-resistant rubber trees; the company's agricultural specialists in Liberia also seek ways to improve planting and cultivation of rubber trees and tapping methods.
  • Adherence to strict quality control and high sanitary standards throughout the process.
  • Latex testing laboratories that test multiple steps within the process up to delivery of latex to our customers.
  • Use of a single processing plant.
  • Dedicated natural latex testing laboratory and technical services staff that research ways to improve the quality of rubber and create new uses and applications for rubber and improved latex processing methods.
  • Secure, Firestone-owned transportation network of specially designed latex ships and dedicated U.S. latex terminals.
  • Well-positioned Firestone Natural Rubber Company shipping terminals that ensure quick product delivery to the customer.

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For more information about our latex products, please contact Rod Blalock (706) 625-2627.

Firestone Liberia and CSI Team Up for Sixth Surgical Mission
The Firestone Medical Center at Duside is preparing to host the sixth surgical mission with Children’s Surgeries International A team of surgeons, nurses and medical professionals will perform over 100 free surgeries on some of West Africa’s most underprivileged youth.

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